Come and enjoy the great Solar Eclipse of 2024, April 8th, 2024 at Lake Shore Cabins on Beaver Lake.  Since we are in the path of partial totality which will be at 98.87%.  Enjoy 180 degree views of Beaver Lake from our Mountain top cabins or in our Beaver Lakefront cabins. Imagine being in your Hot Tub in our Tree Top Suite overlooking Beaver Lake and experiencing this phenomenon. We have something for every budget and are offering reduced rates for the month of April.

2024 Map total solar eclipse

Solar eclipse totalities, when the moon completely obscures all but the sun’s corona, can last from 10 seconds to nearly 7 and a half minutes. Here in northern Arkansas, the 2024 solar eclipse totality will last as long as 4 minutes.

On Beaver Lake, we can expect partial coverage of the sun to begin on April 8th, 2024, at around 12:37pm. The eclipse peaks at about 1:54pm, and everything will be back to normal by around 3:15pm. That’s nearly three hours of a natural phenomenon to enjoy!

Don’t forget to pick up your Eclipse Viewing Glasses available at our Tree Top Gift Shop which is located inside our office along with Beverages, groceries, and gifts.  Contact us at 479-253-7699 or use the Check Availability button above and Book Now!