While we do not allow pets on the property, we do have several pet sitters in our area. We have had several guests who have hired nearby pet sitters (several are very close to our cabins) and they visit and take their pets out during the day and return them to the sitter while staying with us. Please use the info below to help plan for a pet sitter while staying with us on Beaver Lake.

Pet Sitters In our Area:

  • Critter Sitter: Tracellen Kelly 479-981-2886 crittersitter1@yahoo.com Daily visits, pet walking/ pet taxi, etc.
  • Judy Thompson: 479-253-9028, 479-981-6040 (next to Horizon Realty)
  • Dorothy Guertin: 479-244-0173 (close by but not sure exactly where)
  • Tammy Dardie: 479-244-7440 (less than a mile from cabins)
  • Sally McVey: 479-253-9528, 479-253-3706 (Panorama Shores about one mile from cabins)
  • This is an online site that has registered Pet Sitters in our area: https://dogvacay.com/dog-boarding–ar–eureka-springs
  • Online site with registered Pet Sitters: https://www.sittercity.com/pet-sitting/ar/eureka-springs

Pet Boarding:

  • Eureka Springs Animal Hospital: 479-253-8923
  • Beavertown Boarding: 479-253-9426